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Open Call 2024

The 12 th. International Performance Festival "ACCIONES AL MARGEN" will take place from 12 to 17 of July /2024 in Bucaramanga (Santander),  Colombia.

We invite to  national and international artists to submit proposals (in any language)  for the categories:  live action,  pre-recorded actions, videoperformance,  photoperformance, critical texts, conversations, conferences, documentaries, among others, specially designed or adapted for this meeting and which will be shared  on our social networks and on our website

Live presentations may be developed in open spaces, parks, squares, streets, unconventional spaces, houses or cultural and educational centers of our city and municipalities of its metropolitan area.

There is freedom regarding the theme of the proposal.

The videos  must have a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

The reception of proposals will be until  June 12  / 2024, at 12 pm (GMT), filling this
application form with information that includes personal data, a description of the work, links to your portfolio, links to reviews or videos of previous jobs. The critical texts received will be part of the 6th  edition of our digital magazine "Acciones al Margen"

Publication of results: June 15, 2024

Participation conditions:

The curatorship of the event will be in permanent contact with the selected artists to consider their technical requirements and collaborate in bringing each of the participations to a successful conclusion. The main activity headquarters will be in the city of Bucaramanga, with the option of receiving both national and international proposals that may be sent  from their place of origin.

The festival will agree with each artist the day and time when their work will be presented  carrying out preliminary tests to ensure logistics and connectivity.

It is suggested to avoid proposals with sensitive content that may be prohibited or reported by third parties as nudity, or incitement to violence or discrimination. Likewise if you are using images or music of other artists you must inform the organization of the event in advance and ensure that you comply with international copyright laws and treaties in order to avoid being blocked by the digital platforms used during transmissions.

Our organization will grant economic incentives in the next form:


Virtual participation: $ 200,000 (COP) to each invited artist, equivalent to 45€(Euros).  


Live Participation: $ 500,000 (COP) to each invited artist, or collective, equivalent to 120€(Euros). 

The festival will cover hotel, food and internal travel expenses for artists who live outside  of Santander. National or international transportation costs from your place of origin must be covered by the artist.


The payments will be made  within a term of 60 days after your participation,  through of an  international money order via Western Union.

We will be willing to extend formal invitation letters to the selected artists so that they can arrange support or financing to cover travel expenses from their place of origin.


The festival will also offer additional special  invitations for students, researchers, curators, artists or groups whose live performances   considers relevant for the 2024 edition.

"Acciones al Margen " is a self-managed project that provides a basic technical and logistical infrastructure for the development of the proposals. Any additional requirements that exceed our budget must be resolved by the artist.

Our festival is organized by the "Escenarios de Mujer"  Corporation and has the support of the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism of Bucaramanga.

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